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Coding is simple. Building great software is complicated.
BL makes it easier to build robust and resilient applications.

Value Object

*BL code transpiles into TypeScript code

  • Clean Code
  • Maintainable
  • Modular
  • Object-Oriented
  • Hexagonal Architecture
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Open Source

So what exactly is Bitloops Language?

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Bitloops Language (BL) is a high-level, high productivity programming language that incorporates software engineering best practices and design principles such as hexagonal architecture and domain-driven design into its core structure.

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See Documentation for further details
about Bitloops Language's references

Why Bitloops Language (BL)?

Open source & free

Own your code & have the freedom to manage and deploy it wherever and however you want.

Less Code = Speed

Focus on the core of your application & write less code. Standard boilerplate code is created for you.

Iterate Faster

Less code & better organized code means you can build software faster, and iterate / change features quicker.

Build Better Software

Create code like an experienced senior software engineer. Build high-quality, enterprise-grade software.

Intuitive, Easy to Learn

If you’re familiar with Java / JavaScript, BL will be easy to pick up and quickly start building backend applications.

Best Practices

Learn software engineering principles whilst building such as Hexagonal Architecture, DDD, CQRS, ES & more.

How it works?

Write Code
Run Transpiler

Write BL code (similar syntax to JavaScript) using specific classes such as entities, value objects, controllers, etc. Write less code, but high-level and high-quality code!

Join our community!

We have a growing community of early advocates, contributors and champion users.
Join our community and let us know if you have any feedback, contribution or insight on how we can improve Bitloops further.

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Bitloops Language is open source using the GPL v3 licence.


The Bitloops Language is completely free to use!

Bitloops Language is a fourth-generation language that is designed to reduce the overall time, effort and cost of software development by helping developers write clean code that is easy to read, understand and maintain. It follows the domain-driven design principles and empowers developers to take advantage of these patterns without having to go through the steep learning curve. Finally, BL also provides boilerplate code needed to apply TDD and DDD using regular programming languages.

While the Bitloops language itself is by design less expressive than regular programming languages to make sure that the final result is a system that is well designed and tested, you can always connect services and modules written directly in a lower-level language of your choice thus lifting any limitation on you final output.

While we are constantly working on

  1. Increasing the number of Bitloops packages available, and
  2. Creating a extensive number of 3rd party packages,

you can always use packages of your target language that the Bitloops Language will transpile into (e.g. TypeScript).

You just need to define an interface for that package and during build time the package is going to be included in your generated project.

We are eager to receive your feedback and incorporate it into the Bitloops Language so that it will be able to achieve its goal of dramatically improving your productivity.

One of our major decisions is which are going to be the supported transpiled languages and adding more support for them.

BL is Open Source
Download via GitHub

Bitloops Language is a free (forever) and open source programming language.
BL helps any developer write clean, well-structured code and boost productivity 10x!